Thursday, June 25, 2009

can't won't shouldn't

These posts seem to be going around the blogosphere lately and in my severe lack of (non-depressing) blogging material, I decided to swipe it from Moonjava's Muse and do my own (although her and I have a lot in common).

I can't...
do sit-ups
always be optimistic or even cheerful (it's just not in me, more so lately)
fake being nice to someone that i just don't like
braid hair-thank goodness I have a little boy and NOT a little girl-->her hair would be a mess otherwise
run much more than one mile without stopping to walk

but I can...
speak another language
spend copious amounts of time on the computer i.e. blogging & reading blogs
pick out really cute boy clothes
adequately function on 5 or less hours of sleep over an extended period of time

I won't...
eat raw fish
stick around if you treat me like crap
ever stop eating @ ChickFila
listen to rap music

but I will...
get to WDW one of these days (soon)
try to keep in touch no matter where I'm at
make time for family and friends
run a half marathon, and maybe walk some if I have to

I shouldn't...
be so pessimistic
take criticism personally
hold emotions in
be so hard on myself

and I should...
take more time for myself
be proud of my accomplishments
be more patient (with everyone & everything)


~**Dawn**~ said...

Disney! Disney!! Disney!!! (Is it possible I am even more excited than you are?! LOL)

And yes, you do pick out very adorable boy clothes!

KekeLynn said...

I am pretty much exact on the I can'ts!!!

But I will say that I LOVE sushi!!!! You should try it really!!! I don't eat meat, but I will never give up my sushi!

Mrs. C said...

What a great post! I wish I spoke another language and I wish I didn't take criticism personally either.

Good luck on your marathons!

em said...

I love this! :)
I can't braid either. Miri is doomed. ;)

And my word verification today is essesse. It sounds like part of a song.

emilysuze said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't braid hair. Keeping my fingers crossed that our next one will also be a boy!

And where are some of your favorite places to find cute boy clothes? I'm always on the look out.

K13 said...

EmilySuze: I find most of E's stuff @ Old Navy or Gap. If it's @ Gap, it's got to be on sale. I refuse to pay thru the nose, er I mean full price there. I've also found some really cute things @ Target.

JW.BW said...

You cant.... QUIT. Your dedication to your running is really amazing... Most people just quit.

You can... Make me laugh so hard I almost pee sometimes... Not easy to do BTW.


And you will do WDW and the marathon at once!!! how awesome is that???

Have a great day!!!