Tuesday, June 09, 2009

te amo tuesday

~welcome to the 2nd installment of TE AMO TUESDAY!!

~I decided to try to do each lesson around some sort of theme.

~this week the theme is: Summer

basic vocabulary
la playa (pli-ya) - beach
la arena (a ray na) - sand
el sol (soul) - sun
la alberca (al bear ka) - pool
hamburguesa (ham brrr gay sa) - hamburger
la maleta (ma lay ta) - suitcase
la sandia (san di ya) - watermelon
la fresa (fray sa) - strawberry
la barbacoa (bar ba coa) - barbecue
las papas fritas (papas free tas) - french fries
lentes de sol (len tays day soul) - sunglasses
el traje de baño (tra hey day bon yo) - bathing suit
hace calor (ah say ka lor) - it's hot
hace sol (ah say soul) - it's sunny

typical Summer extracurricular activities
Pasame una cerveza (pasa me una cer vay sa)
pass me a beer

No vayas a caer del barco (no vai as a kai air del bar co)
don't fall out of the boat

Estoy borracho/a (es toy boar ah cho)
I'm drunk

Yo estoy tomando sol en la playa (yo s toy toe mondo soul en la pli ya)
I'm sunbathing on the beach.

Vamos a hacer camping. (pronounced just as you see it)
We're going camping.

Vamos a nadar en la alberca (vamos a nah dar en la al bear ka)
Let's go swimming in the pool.

If you have a particular summer theme phrase you would like to know in Spanish, just leave it in the comments and I'll get you the translation.


lolit said...

i remember my college days, we have a subject in Spanish, and i made it good, i still remember some of what i learned. My teacher used to be a mestiza Spanish nun, and she was so strict, we have to be attentive and we must learn her subject or else! those were the days,but i learned to take the subject so easily. maybe because some of our words being used in our dialect is a mixture of spanish language.....just a bit of our history...we have been under Spanish colonialism for over 400yrs.
thank you for sharing this one, and yes i will try think words or phrases for translations.

Vanessa said...

I am so going to fail this lesson!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Yo estoy tomando sol en la playa in just three weeks!!!

Love te amo tuesday.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I really wish I knew if el sol would be out in CT this coming weekend so I would know what to pack in my maleta! I am absolutely certain I am in no danger of saying "hace calor" though. =P

I am cracking up at "don't fall out of the boat" -- LOL!!

remember moments said...

lolit-glad you liked the lesson.

vanessa-everyone passes my Spanish lessons. you can't fail. :)

OP-i'm jealous that you'll be tomando sol en la playa. glad you liked the lesson.

Dawn-i hope you are able to say "hace calor" even if it's just a little bit. I thought the "don't fall out of the boat" went well with the "estoy borracho" phrase.

msprimadonna67 said...

Estoy borracho--I'm going to have to remember that one: )

Mrs. C said...

Estoy Borracha!! Ah! I love it!

These are great. Thanks so much.

Now to make myself a cheat sheet..

Travel & Dive Girl said...

These lessons are awesome! I love the phrase for not falling out of the boat. Ha Ha Ha

foobella said...

How do you say, "Does my butt look fat in this bathing suit?" ;)

K13 said...

Foobella - here ya go: "se me ven las nalgas muy grandes con ese traje de baño?

I'm LMAO!!

Gaia said...

You made me smile...I just come back from Formentera a little magic spanish Island...I'm italian so it's not too difficult to speak spanish and I did speak spanish a bit...

So you speak spanish too?
You have a very nice blog...i'll be back soon...

you had me at the NYC photo....