Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daycare Drama

E got bit at school today TWICE. By the same kid.

This is ALSO the same kid who bit him on two separate occasions about a month ago.

Last time, the director told me she cannot guarantee (or even try) to keep them separated. Obviously!!

Now that it's happened again I am furious because it feels like they aren't even watching the kids. Wth??

There are still no spots open at the preschool at my work, so I really have nowhere to go and hence feel I have no options. (side note: if I was still at my old job, I would probably call in sick the rest of the week just to stay home with E and to cool my anger down...not an option now though).

O is of course furious as well and made the (not-so-bright) decision to tell/teach E to hit this boy in the face if he bites or tries to bite him again. This would not be my preferred way to handle things, but maybe if this other kid gets hurt he'll stop biting E. I dunno...but I sure am sick of hearing that MY kid is getting bit!!!

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Wenny Yap said...

Perhaps you may consider talking to the other kid's parents ... it could help.

Latrell said...

That is a tough situation to be in. I have actually been on all three sides. I have worked at a daycare and know sometimes the kids are so quick even if you see that it is about to happy you may not be able to get to them fast enough with out stepping on some other kids along the way. My youngest has been bitten at the daycare where she currently goes (which happens to be the same daycare that I previously worked at) and she has bitten and pinched a completely different kid in the same daycare. I know typically there is not a way to keep the kids apart but is the daycare worker punishing the biter in any way? I mean our daycare puts the kids in time out and won't let them play in what ever station they where at when they bit. The younger ones they actually put in a high chair where they can see all the kids playing but can't get down and play, not for long but long enough that the offender knows that if they bite, hit, pinch or hurt another kid they are heading for the high chair or time out chair for a while.

I think I would be most upset if they aren't doing any punishment to the biter.

Amy said...

Maybe you should slather E in lotion mixed with copius amounts of cayenne pepper. That should deter the biter!

As for teaching him to hit. . .well, since David and I were just discussing that we are going to teach Gabrielle to beat up any kid who ever makes fun of Julia, and teach Julia to use whatever type of walking implement she may need to smack the shit out of anybody who makes fun of her, I kind of can't say anything bad about O's method of dealing with the situation! =)