Monday, November 22, 2010

evil Monday

Probably one of the worst/most difficult Mondays in my life today...

I have an insanely full day @ school and then have to give a 1 hour Parenting Seminar from 6-7pm as well.

Combine that with Ethan's arm injury from Saturday and I'm just hoping I can hold myself together today to get this stuff done.

If it wasn't for school requirements and needing the "hours", I'd be calling in and staying home with my little guy. I worry about how he'll do at school today, wanting to be more active and possibly injuring himself even more. Thankfully, it's only a 2 day work week and we'll be home on Wednesday. I cannot wait!

It's likely some pulled muscles/tendons as nothing showed up on the xray but it really hurts him and he's not using his left arm much...which is really hard to watch. 

I am sick to my stomach over this and feel like it's my fault since I was playing with him when it happened.

I've even lost a couple pounds over the weekend, which I suppose would be the bright side.

I just want to snap my fingers and either re-do Saturday or have E be all better. They said it could take WEEKS...that crushes me.

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