Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Want Wednesday

Well, I haven't done this in a while so let's see what I am wanting these days...

Return to Tiffany Necklace - originally I wanted the RtT TAG necklace (not the heart shape), but they must not be making them anymore because I could only find this one. I'll still take it though. I'm sorta hoping it shows up around say...graduation time...but then really who knows, it probably won't and I'd certainly be shocked if it did.

Any of the bazillion books on my Amazon Wishlist since I am just about FREE from textbook reading...on to reading for fun!!! Thank Goodness!!

I have a calendar obsession...I really I definitely want this awesome list-making calendar from Paper Source!!

I have always loved the movie "The Holiday" and don't have a copy of it to call my own...every year at Christmas time I am reminded how badly I would really like to own this one.


lindsay said...

I bought necklace once from a "Tiffany" website (not sure if they're real or not). Looks real enough to me, even comes with a teal-blue (whatever color it is) box and bag. I can't remember the site I used - but that necklace is just over $100 (round or heart) on Just in case you spoil yourself instead :)

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ooooo, the necklace is so pretty. I would kill to own something from Tiffany's. *sigh*

I've never watched the Holiday, but I think I will now with your recommendation.

em said...

I have seen something like the list calendar...maybe not exactly the same...but it looks awesome!