Wednesday, November 10, 2010


All of a sudden a bunch of my co-workers are "friending" me on FB and I'm stuck in a position of feeling obligated to Confirm the friend request.

The issue is that I'm not really comfortable with a bunch of work people being on my Facebook page...I think that is common sense really, so I'm a bit confused as to why they are all sending me these requests.

Honestly, it all started w/one friend, the music teacher...she must have a lot of free time on the weekend because she sent me THREE "friend suggestions" on Sunday alone. That in turn sends emails to both of the parties she is suggesting for connecting and so if I don't confirm the friendship when it is's pretty obvious. I have already asked her to not send me any more friend suggestions, but the damage is done.

Just last night I got ANOTHER request and I am truly feeling between a rock and a hard place at this point.

I'm starting to wish I had never accepted the first request (from the music teacher). Ugh!

What to do!?!?


Two Flights Down said...

I've known others in this situation and here is what you can do.

If you feel you must accept someone to, but don't want them to see what you post on your page, go to your Privacy Settings.

Create a group (such as "work"). Put the people in that group who you don't want to see everything.

Then, you can customize what they can and cannot see on your page. For example, you can make it so they don't see your updates, at all. On their side, it just looks like you don't post status updates.

You can create several groups if you want then choose what each group can and cannot see.

FB is awesome in some ways, but in other ways it's a pain.

Kris said...

If you accept, definitely customize what those 'friends' can see and read about you! :o)

Two Flights Down said...

Sorry about the confusion. I went back through on FB to see exactly how to do it.

Go to your Privacy Settings. Towards the bottom, there's this link that says, "Customize Settings." Click that and a long list appears of what your friends can see. If there's something you don't want a particular person to see, click on the button to the right of it and check "customize."

A box comes up. You can either choose what lists of people can view that information, or you can choose what people to hide that information from (just start typing the person's name).

If you want to check to see if you got it the way you want it, click the "Preview My Profile" button at the top. You'll see your profile, but there's also a box. In the box type someone's name from your friends. It will then show you what that person sees on your profile.

Sorry about the confusion. There's also a way to group people so you can say this information is seen by this group. I can't seem to find how I did it, though.

But that's how you block individuals from seeing select info (such as posts, pictures, etc.).

Hopefully that helps.

K13 said...

OK, so it seems that the only option is to block the entire WALL from them, which would be really obvious, since some of them can see it right now. As for pictures, I don't care if they see those, it's not like I'm out clubbing and taking pictures. LOL!! Phooey!!! Still stuck!

lindsay said...

yeah somehow you gotta set up one of those "private profiles" that only certain people see. i hate the random facebook people... at this age. i know i did it when i was in college but c'mon, different story there! hope you can figure out how to "friend" them while also keeping a distance (w/ a private profile of sorts)

em said...

darn those music teachers!!! ;)
i have a decent number of work girl who I hardly know friended me...but I pretty much accept everyone. i agree w/blocking certain things...and make sure they don't find your blog!! ;)

Amy said...

No no, this is what you do. You block them all from your wall, but still allow them to see pictures. Then if they say anything about how they can no longer see your wall, just say that you blocked the wall from everybody, because you were getting too many stupid Farmville/Farmtown/Cafe World/Baking Life/ etc. requests, and you were getting too sucked in and playing stupid games and logging on way too much to see what people had posted on your wall, so you just removed the temptation from yourself, and just use it now to keep up with far away friends and post pictures. I know a few people who have shut down their wall for that reason - either that, or they've blocked me and I just buy the excuse!

K13 said...

I did end up blocking them from my wall and thankfully there are no connections between FB and my blog!!

Tricia said...

I just changed the way I used Facebook after my mom joined and then her sister and then all the kids in my youth group friended me. My facebook wall is now rated G. :) And I blocked all farmville, frontiertown, etc a long time ago - so sick of hearing about people's farms. LOL I had one for a few months but it was too much like real work. LOL