Thursday, February 17, 2011


Why this week qualifies as a FML - week...

*Monday - Ethan had his teeth "procedure" was a nightmare of a day.

*I had Kindergarten Screening duty all day wasn't awful, but it was terribly repetitive (giving same test to 52 incoming kindergarten kiddos) and boring. I am also behind on other regular work duties.

*Spent a big portion of my tax refund getting new front brakes & pads.

*E peed his pants 3 minutes after I finished dressing him this morning. It's so frustrating considering that I just asked him if he needed to go to the potty. This then makes me have to rush & potentially be late for work.

*No sooner did mom & I make the decision to take E to the kids museum on Friday did she start having cold symptoms!! Seriously! She is still not better so we will do NOTHING on Friday.

*Have a 4 day weekend and no effin money to do anything fun...this makes me terribly irate and I'm having a hard time accepting this one. Totally pathetic life.  Four freakin' boring ass days stuck at home.

*In such a crummy mood that I have NO desire (or mojo) to scrapbook! WTF?

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Anonymous said...

I should stop reading blogs in the morning when I feed the girls breakfast. I always forget to come back and comment.

How was E post procedure? Did you splurge and get him gold caps? =p

Did you go to the museum sans mom? Or was she going to pay the entrance fee (I'm guessing that's why you were going to bail, I'm pretty sure you go places with E alone!).