Thursday, February 03, 2011

random update

*wow...I can't believe more than a week has passed since I've written a blog post...I guess that is just life being busy and getting in the way. it's ok.

*I got the "A-OK" from the principal to do the Scrapbook Camp. I am super excited about it and am working on my registration form as well as a simple blog site to post pictures of what the students will be making during the week.

*Instead of doing 2 separate weeks for the age groups, I've changed it to do one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. That also helps out if the camps fill up, I will simply add another week to accommodate all interested parties.

*Ethan has been sick this started on Saturday. I stayed home w/him on Monday and we went to the pediatrician & got a ZPack. Tuesday he stayed home w/O since he is working some crazy hours right now - like 9pm-2am...nuts. On Tuesday night we visited my mom for a bit & Ethan seemed a lot better & the fever was gone. On Wednesday he went back to school (unwillingly of course) and at 11am they called to tell me that he had a 99.5 fever and that he was laying on his mat while all the other kids were playing...that is so NOT my kid. So off I went to pick him up and he was definitely not feeling well...glassy eyes, cuddly (which I love btw), sneezy & still coughing. The best part, we enjoyed a 2 hour nap together....oh my I miss those days!! Today he stayed home w/O again.

*This is a bizarre week @ school for me too...well, when I've been here that is, which feels like hardly at's Catholic Schools Week, so there have been activities everyday for the students. Today there are staff vs. student volleyball games. I am so NOT playing. Ha...then they asked me to be a they have no idea what my role was back in my school days. ETA: I just got bullied into playing on the teacher volleyball team. Anyway, we have early dismissal on Friday after a staff luncheon. I've also been told that staff is "showered" with goodies this week...haven't seen that yet...but remember that "favorites" list I had to fill was for this week. ???

*I sent an email to my mom and O which included my Amazon Wishlist...this was mainly for O, you know...and his crappy gifting skills...anyway, I let them know that anything on that list would be fantastic for my 40th bday and so would a great big Mac computer. I am so *over* my desktop piece of junk...I think I am going to the dark's worth a try...especially if someone else buys it for me...which I totally DOUBT will happen..but can't hurt to ask, right?

*Still seriously considering/thinking about/planning relocating back to Texas. It's scarier this time around though...I guess because the move is MORE than just me now. Moving myself was always so easy. This seems unmanageable to be. I've already found a school counselor job opening at a local high school in North Texas if I choose to stay in this field. I'm also applying for things back in the recruiting realm. I hope things fall into place on this one because it is truly stressing me out.

*I am thankful for a surprisingly nice tax refund. It will help lower my stress level and I could not be more happy about that. I *SO* needed some good news around here.


em said...

But I wanted to see you in a cheerleading outfit... ;)

mikki said...

Hope you get the mac, it's awesome! I always had a PC and was really nervous about it but I love it! pixie

Amy said...

Considering a few weeks ago you said you were probably not going to be blogging much at all anymore, a week between posts seems like a lot! =)

We have a Mac, it's fine. Takes some getting used to navigating, but nothing serious if you know anything at all about computers. Even Gabrielle can easily find things that I've never looked for before!

Please tell me the school called you because E was lying on his mat not playing, and *not* because he had a "fever".

K13 said...

Amy-yes the school called to tell me he was lying on his mat and actually that I did not need to come pick him up, but if I felt crummy, I would rather be at home than school/work, so I went to get him so he could be comfy at home.

~**Dawn**~ said...

If there is one lesson I have learned, getting to the best places in life are often preceded but what appears to be a terrifyingly insurmountable "rite of passage."