Wednesday, February 23, 2011

plan & unplan

That has been the story around here recently...

I had been wanting/hoping to go to FL over my Spring Break, primarily to see Mike's wife AND to just getaway...just me and E. Good Times.

So just a few days ago it looked like it was a "go"....then Libya and all that drama started & gas prices started going up.

Prices are already over $3.10 in mid-Florida and I can only imagine that over the next 3 weeks they will continue to rise.

So today I have pretty much come to the realization that E and I will NOT be going to FL for Spring Break after all.

And that sucks!

I'm so freakin' sick of being STUCK here w/no plans and no money ability to make any. It's the pits.

Sure, we'll probably finally get to the awesome children's museum in Chattanooga w/my mom, but that's one day...what to do with the other 4?!?! *sigh*

I'm entertaining the idea of a one-night trip to Atlanta, but not sure I could make that work...we'll see.

So now I have to hope that gas prices eventually come back down and they have until June when school gets out to do that...hopefully then E and I could head to FL.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ah, that stinks. I was just complaining about gas prices today. Hopefully they will come down soon. The museum sounds like fun though. Maybe you could spend that time working on stuff for your Etsy store? That could be fun...and you might be able to earn some extra cash for FL in the summer.