Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wonder...

I wonder if I'll ever:

*not feel like a failure.

*be financially independent.

*be happy.

It feels like an impossibility and I'm doubting it very much today!!!!!

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Jade said...

We all go through days when we feel inadequate & gratitude can be a challenge. I am wishing you true joy.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling like this. I'm sure you're far from a failure.

Take care,
CJ xx

mikki said...

You are not a failure!!!! Lots of hugs your way. I know how you feel though. Pixie

Two Flights Down said...

Right there with you. It amazes me how different are circumstances are, and yet, your posts always seem to hit home for me. I don't bother telling people I feel this way because I know what the responses would be, and no matter how well-meaning they are, they don't change anything. I've been looking forward to that day when I'm happy and settled, but now I wonder if perhaps it's not coming. Is this what I've been working towards?

Travel & Dive Girl said...

E is the only proof you need that you are not a loser. *hugs*