Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I'm so over this whole being sick thing...sure being out of work is nice, but not when you can't really enjoy the time...E and I stayed home both today and Monday.

I ended up being diagnosed with Strep Throat although my throat never really hurt all that much. Besides the NP at Walgreen's being unfriendly, maybe she wasn't all that smart...I dunno. Anyway, I got an antibiotic out of the 2 hour ordeal, so I guess I won't complain anymore.

Now that I'm no longer contagious (!?) and the fact that I have ZERO sick days left, I'm feeling like I really HAVE to go to work on Wednesday although I'm not 100% at all.

Ethan is doing much better than me, displaying nearly ZERO symptoms of a cold, which is what the Ped NP said he had. Thank you daycare. Ugh!

And as my luck would have it, last week I registered  for a 5K this Saturday and have not been able to run since Friday...that will likely be a disaster. I was doing so well w/my routine too. Figures!

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