Monday, March 28, 2011


*Whenever a lot of days go by & I haven't updated, I struggle to come up with a post title and my 'go-to' title is "randomness" there you are.

*We got thru last week at work in one piece and oddly enough, I saw more students for issues NOT related to our teacher passing away than I did for those related to grief. Go figure. 

*I am constantly reminded that I am old. What a depressing thought. I helped out with a fundraiser softball game on Friday serving as the (slow-pitch) pitcher...not a very physically demanding position, although my legs and gluts felt otherwise. Finally feeling "normal" today.

*TX school districts are undergoing major budget cuts and offering payouts to employees to avoid layoffs...looks like moving there this Summer may not work out too well. *sigh*

*In job-related news, I applied for 3-4 positions this morning..not counseling positions and not necessarily recruiting positions either. It's sad that a position that requires very little education is paying $10-15K more than what I am currently making. Makes me feel that getting my Masters degree was a HUGE waste of time and money. And maybe it actually was. Sucks!

*I've been trying to diet on my own but along with my aunt, who lives in TX...I was doing well the first 3-4 weeks but have hit a roadblock lately...lots of stress-eating and lack of running. Hoping today I get back to running but honestly, when I get home at 5:20pm, running is the LAST thing I want to do...but I will force myself once again. Totally hating this full time work crap. 

*Vent: Over 1 week ago, O did a HUGE landscaping job for a friend of our neighbor, who is currently working in CA. This lady said she would put a check in the mail that day so we would have it by Saturday (the day O did the work). Check did not arrive. Neighbor said lady is good for the $$ I'm not terribly worried about NOT getting paid, however 13 days days have gone by w/o payment and she is not responding to emails or text messages. She suggested meeting last Wed to give us a check and then never followed through w/setting up a time. WTF? Seriously. She is a professional and I don't get this...I'm more furious about the lack of response & professionalism, than the money even. Before the work was done, she was emailing me back every 5 minutes to coordinate...and now, nothing. Not cool. At all.

*I would do just about anything to have the rest of the day off to go sit in a cafe somewhere and just read. I'm so "over" this thing called work. Ugh.

*I am totally IN LOVE with my NookColor...I never thought I'd say that, but I really do love it...I think I read faster w/it too...we'll see if that changes over time...but if you also have a Nook, let me know so we can Lend books to one another...what a great feature!!! The only downside, I have about 15 REAL books waiting to be read & no interest in picking them up...must read them and reduce the clutter.

*Speaking of reading....last night I finished another great book... "Every Last One" by Anna Quindlen  Considering I finished it in 3 days (which NEVER happens) it was very good. 


Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'm thinking about taking a *cough* sick day tomorrow just so I can do some "me" stuff like read and rest. If one day isn't enough I might spread it over 2 days. I'm also sick of working.

Ruthie C Jones said...

I've had my Nookcolor since December, and I LOVE it! I just finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Kris said...

I'm with you lady. Need to focus on the waistline but there are so many other roadblocks and stressors! I hope the work thang works out for you!