Sunday, March 06, 2011

and yet another cold

Seriously, this has been the roughest winter for getting sick that I can remember...we have been to the Pediatrician 3 times in the past six weeks, although the 2nd visit was E's 3-Year check up. E was sick 2 weeks prior and now again, 2 weeks later.

I really want to blame his school/daycare...I mean students @ my school aren't slobbering or sneezing on me, so I doubt that I'm bringing it home. We've both had the flu shot - thank goodness, otherwise I'm sure things would have been so much worse.

Friday I left work early, took him to the pediatrician where we were told he has "a cold" name for it this time. Ears looked good....just a vicious cough that the over the counter stuff was not helping at all. Now two days and 4-5 doses later...not much of a change. 

Then this morning (Sunday) he kept saying his ear hurt. He has never had an ear infection (I am thankful!) it freaked me out a bit. He was so hard to console and he's normally quite a trooper when he's sick, so I called the Peds emergency number. She called in an antibiotic for him so here we go again. I'm not sure if he has an infection and maybe we jumped the gun as he has not said it's hurt since this morning so maybe it was just pressure from having a head cold. 

To add excitement to all of this...he has passed his symptoms to me. Oh joy. I have a scratchy throat, some coughing (tho not as much as him) and congestion on HALF of my nose (that is SO annoying).

So I have just taken some Zicam and Mucinex to fight this off...I'm running out of sick days, if they aren't already gone...this will make for an interesting remainder of the school year.


Amy said...

Hospitals need to discharge new moms with a roll of duct tape to put over their kids' mouths until they learn not to put anything and everything in it. We've gotten tons of colds since we joined up with the mom's group. Gabrielle seems like she's coming down with another, even though we just got over one two weeks ago.

Feel better! And I love his slippers.

emilysuze said...

If you have to be sick, at least he has some super cute slippers! Hope both of you get to feeling better and stay better!