Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I want: the NookColor. I am finally jumping on the bandwagon with e-readers and letting go of my obsession to have a "real book"...what pushed me over the edge was the ability to download FREE books from my local library to any of these reading devices. I just downloaded one to my iPhone and am loving it. I've never been one to frequent the library, despite the huge economical advantage of doing so, I guess it's the idea of not knowing where the book was previously or something..I dunno.  But now with e-books...I don't have to go anywhere and can have a book in mere seconds. Oh yes, I want this!! Also, with the NookColor you can receive your magazine subscriptions on it...being Green is great!! So while I want it TODAY...I have put the plug in for my 40th birthday being just around the corner...let's see if O can pull himself together enough to get this for me. Ha!

I want: an iMac!! Yep, I'm pretty sure I'll be going over to the "dark" side with my next computer purchase. I've heard raving things about iPhoto and well, I think it's about time to give something else a PCs have failed me over and over again w/this last HP taking the cake for being the biggest piece o' junk ever. Of course, the iMacs cost an arm and a leg, so who knows when I'll be actually able to purchase it...unless my scrapbook camp is a huge success...and well, right now it's the polar opposite of that.

I want: this super cute hot pink "K" to add to my collection!
I want: this awesome negative puts the images directly onto a memory card! Soooo awesome!!

I want: a full day to myself to scrapbook.

I want: a better paying job.

I want: to move to FL or TX.

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emilysuze said...

I've had my Nook for almost a year and haven't bought a single book for it yet. Love that you can borrow books from the library!