Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a sad far

*I wonder when things will turn around this year?

*Not just for me...I'm talking very generally here...

*I mentioned our teacher passing away recently.

*Last night, a mother of a 3rd & 7th grader passed away. She was only 45.

*I lost a good family friend on Feb 4, 2011.

*Another teacher lost her father around the same time.

*My neighbor's friend is losing his mother to cancer.

*I'm really tired of hearing about people dying seems to be everywhere I turn.

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Loredana said...

It's a sad thing when it seems like a domino effect and everywhere you turn someone you know or are close to is dying. Try to take it in stride and be there for those that are grieving, including yourself. And there's still a lot of time left to 2011, so here's to go things to come!