Monday, July 11, 2011

1/2 way mark & random thoughts

Summer is half summer BREAK that is. Major bummer indeed!

I suppose that explains the sense of dread hanging over me for the past few days.

Sure I went on vacation, to the beach, but it was far from a vacation for me. Not to sound ungrateful, but it was far from "a great time" was a lot of work, more than if I'd stayed home. 90% of the time, it was JUST me and help for me at all. I kept wishing I was one of those rich people who takes babysitters on vacation. To date, I have not gotten a break for myself. Apparently the going rate for sitters these days is $10/hour (for ONE kid) !! WTH? I was paid $3/hour (for 3 kids!!)...that seems to be a career on the upswing.

I'm super excited about making a trip up to Michigan w/mom and E and taking E to his first Detroit Tiger game, but then I can't help but think that when we get back, I'll only have 2 more days of summer left. :(

My dad is still not doing well (at all). I wonder if it's the pessimist (realist) in me that seems to think this may be "it"..but my oldest step sister seems to think her "elder care" experience will magically cure him. She is staying with him for the next few weeks, so we'll see.

My summer "makeover" program is going way TOO slow for my liking. I've lost only 4lbs and my goal was 15. Yeah, like that will happen now. no. I've ran 61 miles since 5.27.11 which was my "official" start date. For me, I think that's a good number, it's way more than I would have ran w/o signing up at the Y...yet still with all that running, plus biking, elliptical and weights, there is hardly a change. The bright side...I think 'things' are moving around though as I was able to fit into a skirt that I hadn't been able to wear for past few years.


Sarah said...

Wish your summer vacation could last forever! This is why I am seriously considering changing career fields. I want summers off too! :)

I also had a summer makeover plan to lose weight and all I have done is gain weight. Not much, but enough to make me feel bad about myself. Something has to change soon! I need some motivation.

Sorry you didn't get much of a break from your kiddo. I know you can love your kid to death but still need breaks at times.

Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your summer!

Heidi Renée said...

I try to go by how my clothes fit rather than the number on the scale. Not going to lie though, I keep close track of the number, too.

If you're fitting into things you couldn't you must be doing something right!

Amy said...

I'm with Sarah, I gained weight on our trip to Chicago, eating food I didn't even care about, not food you can only get in Chicago. Ugh!