Saturday, July 02, 2011

mid-vacation post

*this will be a bullet point update, they are my favorite.

*E and I are still on vacation, errr let me re-phrase that...E is still on vacation.

*this has been FAR from vacation for me

*A couple nights ago, E had probably what I would consider his most ginormous meltdown ever. in a public restaurant. me=mortified.

*I've had one 1 hour break from E all week & that was when I went on a 4 mile run in Edisto

*my dad is in quite poor health & i'm not sure why/how he even drove down for a few days.

*he never left the condo while here and ended up going home 1 day early.

*E & I are currently in O's hotel room, 45 minutes from the beach.

*Yesterday we drove to Charleston, SC to enjoy some "city-living" know, Barnes & Noble and ChickFila. 

*We plan to check out Folly Beach today...looking forward to that. :)

*Tomorrow we head to Savannah, GA and I cannot wait!!

*Wish me luck that we get into The Lady & Sons Restaurant to eat - lunch or dinner, I don't care!!

*Is it bad that I'm planning to use some of my vaca money to get a babysitter when we get home...and a day for myself. Oh yeah...can't wait for that! I love E and besides his meltdown the other day, he's been fairly well behaved...I would just like to relax a bit.


Sarah said...

Ah, missed your posts but glad you are on vacation. I wish I had more time off than a couple of days!

Hopefully E will be easy on you the rest of the time so you don't need to be away from him. But if you still do when you get back, don't feel bad! Mom's need time to recharge! I love my kiddo so much but sometimes need a break.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Happy 4th!

lindsay said...

Well e is always welcome at camp south Carolina :) too bad we don't live closer!