Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Want Wednesday...

I Want: some decent workout shirts...and over the summer I have discovered the criteria that I need in a workout shirt....
(1) MUST be v-neck...those crew neck shirts make me feel like I'm choking when I'm running. I find myself constantly pulling on them.
(2) MUST be short-sleeve...I just can't handle upper arms are SO gross and I'm embarrassed to expose them to anyone....despite the 30+ people at the gym who DO NOT care that THEIR upper arms are gross & flabby and wear sleeveless shirts. I'm strange I guess.
(3) MUST not be that ridiculous clingy material. I don't get it...WHY WHY WHY would I want a shirt to CLING to my fat rolls...I don't want anyone to see them which is THE reason I am at the gym in the first place.

After a visit to Dick's Sporting Goods today, with the intention of picking up 1-2 shirts...I found Under Armour Charged Cotton Vneck shirts...did I get one? NOPE!! Why?  Because they had 3 colors and in every size but the one I need. Fail.

I Want: another pair of compression shorts. These will work.
I Want: this adorable baseball night light for Ethan's room....slowly starting the process of transforming his room to a "bigger-boy" room.

There are a few other awesome baseball items on my wishlist for E's room...hopefully we'll get them eventually. I'm dreading tearing down the safari animal wallpaper border...ugh.

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Sarah said...

I have a huge want list too but am short on funds due to spending as much as I wanted on whatever I wanted the last few weeks with family members in town visiting (lots of eating out, souvenirs at gift shops, entrance to museums/other places, extra groceries).

I found a super cute under armour shirt at the outlet and it wasn't super tight! I agree with you on that. I am working out cause I need to be smaller and don't need the world seeing just how much I need to be working out.

I also want to redo my son's room but am putting that off for a little bit. Not sure what I want to do with the room yet and I keep changing my mind. Also, he is still in his crib since he never seems to climb out (or hasn't yet) so I am good with leaving him that way for now. Maybe we will change it up when he turns 3!