Thursday, July 14, 2011

the goings on...

Here's what's happened since the last time I wrote:

*dad was admitted to the hospital. will be there at least 2 weeks. it's rather serious. :(

*E & I have spent 2 afternoons at the Y pool...which has been wonderful since it's only 2ft deep, he can play & I can read.

*i lost another 1.4lbs this week...somehow!

*started a new book "The Story of Beautiful Girl" by Rachel Simon, which I need to have done by 2:30pm Friday for my work book club...yikes...I still have 100+ pages to go.

*solidified some plans for when we are in Michigan.

*exciting 40th bday plans continue to be NON-existent...which well, pisses me off. the day will simply come and go as any other. FML.

*on the bright side, we are likely going to Charleston/Folly Beach for Labor Day...but that doesn't make up for no bday plans.

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Sarah said...

I'm really sorry about your dad. I don't know what I would do if one of my parents were gone. I am really close to them and it would be so hard.

Good job on losing weight! I have only gained recently due to some changes in my diabetes medication and it sucks, especially since it is summer and less clothing is not optional since it's so dang hot!

If I lived near you, I would take you out for your 40th! I don't even think when I turn 30 that I want to celbrate. I have a huge fear of getting older. :)