Thursday, July 28, 2011

Michigan-bound...and so very excited!

*3 days 'til mom, E and I depart for Michigan AKA home!!

*looking SO forward to seeing my bff, Laura. I cannot believe she has had 3 kiddos that I have never met. Also, she's never met E and he is her Godson. 

*we are so excited to spend a day at a kids hands-on museum with her and her kiddos. Fun!

*E will take in his very first major league baseball game @ Comerica Park.  Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers.

*We will have breakfast with our old across-the-street neighbors...can't wait for that.

*On Saturday night, there is a meet up of a bunch of high school pals and I'm super duper excited about that since I missed my 20yr reunion.

*And the diet will be out the window on this trip as we indulge in some coney island hotdogs and some great middle eastern cuisine...grape leaves, hummus and baklava. Yum!!


Sarah said...

Sounds like you have good stuff planned! We took our son to his first major league baseball game a few weeks ago too! He wasn't too interested but oh well!

Hope you have an amazing time!

em said...

yay!! wish you were taking a little jaunt over to chicago!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Um, and you will meet the famous (and rarely seen around the interwebs these days).....FIDGETING GIDGET!

K13 said...

FG - indeed!! And I'm really looking forward to our meeting!! Also I miss you around the interwebs.

K13 said...

Em- that would have been awesome to get over to Chicago...maybe next time. :(