Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Want Wednesday

I want: this American Crafts Roller Date stamp...sure I have 4 similar to this already, but this the ONLY one that stamps the day as well as the date!! Must have for Project Life!!

I want: this windshield/dashboard iPhone holder...particularly for my road trip to Myrtle Beach in June w/my dad. 

I want: this bright and adorable PLUTO watch. Totally don't need, but want as it would make a lovely addition to my Pluto collection. (Thank you Pinterest for helping me find this!!)
I want: this adorable silver ring. I absolutely love the simplicity of it!

I want: for the next book I read to be AWESOME...2013 has been a year of book duds...big time. They sound fabulous based on the description but then just fall flat. 

1 comment:

Beatriz said...

Right now I want food. I need to stay away from pinterest. I do love the ring :)