Friday, April 12, 2013


*so glad it's Friday.

*so that consignment sale I was trying to prepare for. yeah, never did it. couldn't find the time (or desire or energy) to price everything & deal with the drop off process. There's always the Fall sale.

*Spring Break was awesome, but a complete whirlwind. I love all that Atlanta offers, but totally despise the traffic there. It's worse than anywhere else I have lived!! Ethan LOVED the Lego Discovery Center!!

*hoping that Ethan's bedroom gets painted tomorrow, but the guy we have lined up to do it might have to work his regular job. Ugh. I can't stand being "in limbo"---I want to put his room back together ASAP.

*30 school days left in the year. amen!

*have a good weekend.

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~**Dawn**~ said...

See, now if you lived in that empty house across the street from me, you could pay T to paint the room for you and it would be done. He did our entire master bedroom in one afternoon--walls and trim--and he never ever asks for enough compensation, because he's just too nice. (He stripped, sanded and refinished--including multiple layers of paint and a urethane topcoat--a headboard, 2 dressers and a makeup vanity for $130 plus the cost of materials for our production manager at work. Worked out to about $3/hour for his time.)