Friday, April 26, 2013

It's finally Friday!

Woohoo! It's Friday. Couldn't be happier.

Happy to report that we made it thru the week without the death of any major home appliances. Whew.

It was a close call though, my next door neighbor's hot water heater died yesterday. 

Happy to be coming into a VERY uneventful weekend. Down time much needed. Hooray. It is supposed to rain all weekend and that is fine w/me...I will happily stay home and indoors. Whoa... I rarely say that!!

Sunday happens to be our 6th anniversary....whoa - miracles people, true miracle here!! :)

20 school days left after today. Amen to that. 

35 days to Myrtle  Beach. Can't wait. Me. Dad. Ethan. It's an annual tradition now...5 years standing. 2009: Myrtle 2010: Orlando 2011: Edisto 2012: Orlando 2013: Myrtle. Actually longer, I cannot recall our destination for 2008, but I know that in 2007 I went to Myrtle w/dad and technically so did my belly. :)

The book fair has been at our school this week. In other words, I've done a lot of unplanned/compulsive spending this week. Ha! Ethan is the proud owner of 4 new books. Soon to be 5 when I get my "freebie" for being on the Book Fair Committee. I should pick one for myself instead. 

I am most looking forward to summer to do more reading. These past few months have been slow in the reading world for me. The year started off with some not-so-great books and while I'm still motivated to read obsessed with reading, I've just not had the time I used to. Time. Time. Time. 

Happy Friday people!!


Beatriz said...

Time! Not on my side of late! Have a great weekend :)

Oh and happy anniversary!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Wait... If you don't remember where you went in 2008, does that mean you took no photos the entire time you were there??