Friday, April 19, 2013

it's been a week...yes, THAT kind of week

I guess it's actually been a couple of weeks...

Last week our clothes dryer died. We got about 12 years out of it so I guess I can't really complain, though both of us thought the washer would be the first to go since it only goes into the SPIN cycle when it's in the mood. Thankfully we can force it do SPIN by resetting the dial manually...but still. I'm not jinxing myself here, but it will be a true miracle if that machine sees 2014.

This week, the toilet in the master bath starts making some funky noises and there has been a leak at the seal for a while - that O chooses to "ignore"...or I guess actually he HAS acknowledged it, but has ignored the fixing of said leak. Lovely. Not so much.

One of the perks at work is everyone knows everyone's business...literally, like what they do for a living (and then some!) and one mom referred me to another dad who is a plumber or actually a superstar home remodel dude. I was greatly relieved when he agreed to come over yesterday to look at the scary toilet. At 7pm!! Happily, it's not a major problem but since it will cost us $80 for him to fix the seal and only another $35 to put in a whole new toilet, we are going TOILET SHOPPING tonight!!! Who knew I would ever be SO excited to buy a freakin' toilet?!?! But I am. Oh yeah, still not getting anything terribly fancy, but it will be a Kohler and have that awesome hydraulic seat!!! It's the little things people!!

I really am somewhat afraid to see what next week will bring. I would say that I sort of predicted all this...we were just about to be free from a long-standing Best Buy bill for a no interest purchase of days past and the freedom has alluded us since now we have the dryer to pay for. Ugh! And now a toilet. Here's hoping the bigger and costlier appliances hang on for a while!!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ah, that sucks. Things like that usually happen all at once (at least for me too) - just when things are looking on the bright side, something costly happens. Fingers crossed that the washing machine lasts for you and the dryer you need will be on sale!

Beatriz said...

That sucks! May I suggest the dryers that are a little banged up? Sometimes you get a serious discount, especially if you play it up or you get someone nice :) It's funny what gets you excited once you're a home owner isn't it? Who ever thought a new toilet could be so exciting! Hope you have a good weekend!