Monday, April 01, 2013

April 1 Update

Late in the month of March I decided to track some numbers on my (lack of) workout activity, as well as other random things. Here are the results, some of which I'm happy with, others not so much!! Here's hoping April will look somewhat better.

Crunches: 100 (started late in March on this!! LOL)

Push Ups: Big Fat ZERO

Miles Ran: 18 - kind of pitiful really...only ran 7 times. Not sure why I skipped an entire week?!

Photos Taken: 138 is a low estimate & does not count the ones I have deleted along the way. 

Books Read: 3-ish...almost 4.

Pounds Lost/Gain:  up and down in a 2lb window...depends on which day you ask me as to where I'm at. 

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