Friday, August 10, 2007

~and more randomness~

*Just ordered one of these for me and Mary. I have no idea what I'll decorate it with or what pics I'll put in it - but it'll be fun when I do. Here's a lot better picture if you're interested.

*It was an "interesting" night at SB and not necessarily in a good way. At about 10pm, a guy decided to cross the street that we are on - it is a busy street - I do not advise you to J-walk on this street - he got HIT!!! I heard the squealing brakes but that's a common sound for where we are so none of us paid attention. Five minutes later, we find out this guy got hit and the street is full of flashing lights. Apparently, it was a hit & run. The guy was laying on the ground for a while - not sure what happened to him. I will have to look in the paper, although I'm not sure it'll be in there. I'm sure glad I wasn't working the drive-thru where I would have had a clear view of the accident...not something I want to see.

*Yay, it's finally Friday. I have to make it to the furniture store by 6pm to order my new coffee & end table. Hopefully it'll be able to be delivered along with my couch when it comes in. Since the lady came for my tables on Wed, it looks like we just barely moved in...kind of funny really.

*I've had a lot of pet-sitting jobs going on. I'm currently sitting for 3 cats, the same 3 from a couple wks ago. They are sweet. The apartment they live in is not. One word-->gross! Anyway, today will my last visit there. On Sunday, I have to make 2 visits over to take care of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks that I've cared for before. They are awesome. Gentle giants - so fun. Next weekend, I have to take care of them Fri, Sat & Sun!!

*I'm obsessed with these Maya Road chipboard albums - not all, just some. They are rockin'! Especially the Tab Chipboard Book! I have to find these somewhere.

*Newsflash...I forgot to mention yesterday that I actually COOKED dinner the other night. I made Chicken Caesar Lasagna and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. O said it was good. It was a recipe I saw in some magazine and have held on to for a couple months now. I finally got all the ingredients @ the store and put it together. Great for leftovers too!

*I'm starting to get very very sad about my Detroit Tigers. It seems they can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag these days. And their pitching...I won't even mention that. I might as well start pitching for them...can't get much worse. They lost Thurs night 8-1 and Wed night 7-1...and the worst part is they lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays who are in LAST PLACE in their division and 25 games out of first place. That's just humiliating!! WTH?!?!? I know Dawn will understand.


Anonymous said...

You know what is a good cookbook if you don't like to cook, Rachael Ray 365 No Repeats (although I imagine any of her 30 minute meals are good). The recipes are really easy and do take less than 30 minutes, especially if you skip her "sides" (which are sometimes as silly as "buy a bag of fancy potato chips"). But there's lots of easy burger recipes, chicken recipes. I have been using it a lot lately, and 2 of my husband's top 3 favorite things I make are her recipes for buffalo turkey burgers and shrimp burgers (hers is actually scallops, but they only had shrimp the first time I made them). Pair one of her entrees with a microwave bag of green giant corn and you're set!

Mary said...

- yay on the albums!! can't wait to play with it!

- OMG on the guy getting hit! I remember that road as being busy; yikes!!

- hope you got your furniture ordered!!

- enjoy the petsitting!

- those Maya road albums look cool too!! I noticed the ones I really liked were sold out, so that can be the object of our 'quest' as we shop in 2 weeks!:D

- is that recipe something you can post? I'd be interested to give it a try!

- sorry, no specific baseball comments, but I know how I feel when my Aggies aren't doing well and I would guess it's similar. WTH indeed!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Don't you just hate the Rays? =P It's like they can't win a game all season but they pick one target & humiliate them. Last year it was us. This year the crappy cellar dweller that's making us look like idiots is the Royals. ::sigh::

Brandy said...

I just got one of those books from magistical memories too! Post when you are finished with it, I can't wait to see what you did!