Friday, August 31, 2007

~it's finally Friday~

~Another week gone by. I'm glad. It means I'm closer to my 4 day mini-vacation in Myrtle Beach. It's been a fairly uneventful and drama-free week, I like them like that.

~Yesterday my dad called and said he'd be coming in town on Monday and he'll take me to dinner for my birthday - wahoo!! I went from no plans on Monday, to a full day. Yay!

~After I drop O at the airport tonight, my mom and I are going to dinner with a friend (of hers more so than mine), that shares my I guess I'll be having 2 birthday dinners this weekend. Goodbye diet!

~I'll be going to bed early tonight as I have an the 8am-12:30pm shift at SB tomorrow and then mom and I are going shopping. That will be fun!!

~Speaking of shopping, I need YOUR help...I need, desperately, a new purse. I'm not much of a purse shopper - I've never owned a purse that cost more than $50 and my idea of a nice purse is usually from Fossil - that's top of the line for me. You won't see me with a Coach, Dooney & Burke or any of those other fancy (often butt ugly) purses that you see all the celebs with. I'm a plain Jane when it comes to purses. Please give me some suggestions if you've seen something recently in the stores. Note:it must be FUNCTIONAL, not just "cute", heck it doesn't even have to be "that" cute I mean it gets thrown on countless floors, tossed to the backseat of my car and spends A LOT of time on the floor in my office...need I say more?

~Sunday I have a short shift @ SB from 11am-430pm and I think I'll rent some movies and chill the rest of the day/evening...that sounds wonderful!

~And my PSA for the week is please, please, please be careful and cautious w/your personal belongings such as your WALLET. You DO NOT want to deal with the headache that we are currently dealing with to clean this up. Not only did O lose about $100 that was in his wallet, we are still waiting on the stolen funds to be returned. Even though his account was "frozen" by the bank after he reported this, they have still managed to screw up more stuff causing 1 check to not clear. Guess where we will be stopping on the way to the airport today? I will be unleashing my wrath upon them today. Bankers beware!

~Have a good weekend~

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Mary said...

ugh on the lost-wallet-headaches; that sucks. I thought banks had like 48 hours to credit your account? Ugh. Enjoy your weekend and all those birthday dinners and shopping! I had a link for a good purse website; let me think if I can find it...