Thursday, August 30, 2007

~random thoughts~

~Not a whole lot going on - work and work really.

~I've tried to do more scrapbooking than I had been doing. I am trying to finish up a layout that I started last weekend and I ended up making 2 cards did that happen? It seems that cards just come easier for me. It's how I got started in this whole "mess" of scrapbooking. LOL! I just finished a card that I'm pretty proud of so I'll be submitting it for publication in the CARDS magazine. Wish me luck! I haven't had anything published in the past couple years and would like to get back to that.

~I feel like I'm talking to myself here lately...since starting up this new private blog, I've noticed that many of my former regular readers don't stop by anymore. I guess logging in is a real hassle and while I would love to make this an open blog again - I just don't need to deal with the drama and headaches that the infamous "nasty poster" inflicted upon me. I'm a sensitive soul and yes, I let it get to me. Sorry! In addition, I think I know who SHE is and I really do not want her knowing ANYTHING about my life...especially about my pending future...'nuff said for now.

~You know there is always something at SBUX going on. Turns out the manager put in to transfer up to Chicago and it came thru A LOT faster than expected. She will be gone on 9/7. That makes the Asst Mgr the Manager, of course. It will be interesting to see how things change along the way. Some partners are happy w/the change, others not so much. I do not have a strong opinion at this time - ask me in a month or so. If things go according to "my plan", I will be outta there by mid-November anyway. Yahoo!!

~I closed last was uneventful really...rather slow for the last hour, which drives me nuts...time drags by. Anyway, I was home for maybe 1 hour or so and it started to pour rain, I mean really pour - lighting, thunder, hard, hard rain - I love it!!! I got up to shut off my computer - I usually leave it on, but in sleep mode over night...back to bed and fell asleep to the calming sound of raindrops on the roof. And we REALLY need the rain here!! Here's hoping my lawn leans more to a shade of green as opposed to the dingy brown it's been sportin' lately.

~On Monday, O was able to get a TN identification card, but not a license. They told him they needed his old (AZ) license number in order to get him a new TN license. He does not know that number by heart and so he is driving w/o a license for now - oh well. I don't think he'd have a hard time showing any police officer that his wallet was stolen/lost as the new one is paper thin. It also looks brand new and unused considering there is next-to-nothing inside it. He doesn't have his new ATM cards did we ever function w/o these wonderful little pieces of plastic? I haven't stepped foot in a bank/credit union in ages. I love ATM machines! All that to say, we are glad he'll be able to get on his plane tomorrow night for his quick weekend jaunt out to AZ. (not to mention my weekend alone -woohoo!) That's not mean, is it? I just like my alone time and have been quite deprived of it lately. :-)

~I'm looking forward to having Monday off (from both jobs), even despite the fact that I will get no $$$ for that day...another reminder that contracting is not *so* wonderful. What I wouldn't do for paid time off....but that's another rant that I will not go into right now. I have NO idea what I'll do on Monday, but that's ok. I may go to a movie, sleep all day or go over to my mom's for a bit. Time will tell...


Anonymous said...

I think people are just silent in commenting all over. Nobody comments to me much, and I've noticed it on others as well.

And I don't think it's mean at all that you are excited for an alone weekend! There is nothing wrong with wanting your spouse to go away for a few days. . .so long as you're happy when he returns. If you want him to stay away, then there are probably other issues to deal with!

krystyn said...

But it's ok to sometimes want him to stay away, right? LOL!

krystyn said...

Oh yeah- and I didn't mean so much that people aren't commenting...I can see who stops by and when (thanks to that handy-dandy site meter) and people aren't even visiting...makes me think...what's the point? :-)

krystyn said...

I must be boring.

Mary said...

enjoy your fun weekend!! And no, you're not boring - I check your blog tons of times from work to see if you've updated!!