Friday, August 24, 2007


~Yay, it's finally the weekend.

~I depart for NC in exactly 1 hr 50 minutes...cannot wait!!! Girls weekend -woohoo!!

~So excited for a weekend FULL of scrapbooking and shopping. I managed to scrounge up quite a few projects to work on - so wish me luck. :-)

~Dinner last night was DELICIOUS! The cheese was excellent and I also indulged in a Grilled Chicken Greek Salad with the absolute BEST dressing ever. Feta cheese rules too!! Mmm!

~And to cap off a wonderful evening - how about some ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins? Chocolate cake with chocolate chip frosting. O wanted to burn the house down by putting 1 candle for each year of my long life on there. Thankfully my mom and I were able to talk him out of that - considering it was an ice cream cake - we probably would have melted the whole thing.

~I blew out all the candles (9) so here's hoping that my wish comes true!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I. Love. Ice. Cream. Cake.

Anonymous said...

I. Hate. Ice. Cream. Cake. Ha! Couldn't resist. Glad you enjoyed it though, and good job convincing O not to put all those candles on there, for a very good reason that had nothing to do with not wanting to be reminded of how old you are, either.

Mary said...

see you soon! and glad you had a great bday dinner!

Freebird said...

Happy Belated Birthday!