Friday, August 03, 2007


Yes, it's finally Friday! Thank goodness!!

During the summer on Fridays, my "day-job" company works only 1/2 days - a nice little perk for EMPLOYEES....I'm a Contractor, not an Employee. Contractor=No Perks. I don't get paid if I'm not working, so it's certainly not beneficial to me to work only a 1/2 day on Fridays. Today I don't care. I'm worn out and I can definitely use a few extra hours away from the desk. I'm clocking out at 1pm ET!! I'll still have 42 hrs for the week and since the max I can bill for is 45, I'd have to clock out by 4 ET anyway.

I'll be flying outta here @ 1pm sharp and on my way to Target. That is THE excitement in my life these days folks....LOL. Actually, I just need to pick up some toiletries there and then of course, I'll make the lap around the entire store to see if I'm missing anything spectacular.

I have a dentist appt today 3:45pm. This will my first visit to this dentist, so wish me luck. There were VERY few on the insurance providers "approved list."

There have been excessive amounts of drama @ SB lately. It's really ridiculous. It's also one of the many reasons I am now DYING to leave there. Last night was no exception...I only had a 3.5 hr shift and it felt like 8 hrs - no kidding. Geez! I feel like I've gone back to high school all of a sudden...wait, even high school wasn't that bad for me.

I think I'll pick up a lottery ticket today too. Can't win if you don't play - that's what my dad always says!!

Oh yeah...I almost forgot....I finished Harry Potter #7 last night!! Good book!


Anonymous said...

I have about 80 pages to go. I would have stayed up and finished last night, but my husband yelled and said that I would keep him awake - whether I went downstairs and then came back up or if I stayed in our bedroom. But I did get through the chapter where you finally find out the truth about Snape. Good chapter, and my suspicions all along were right on!

Mary said...

hola! I hope you have a good half-day. sorry to hear about the antics at SB. There is a Bowling For Soup song about that, and I love it (the song, that is). Have a good night!! :)

Nichole said...

I can only imagine all the drama brewing at SB along with all the coffee...

Hey! I love Target, too! They opened a brand new one near me... I was *so* excited to go when it was all shiny and new. :)

Freebird said...

Why don't you quit SB?

krystyn said...

Nora-I will be quitting SB but I need to have health benefits elsewhere before I quit.