Tuesday, September 04, 2007

~blah, blah, blah~

I swiped this from some blog, somewhere...

Three things in my fridge that define life right now:
(1) Pozole -Mexican "soup" that traveled from AZ w/O last night, it's my favorite Mexican dish (if made right and O's mom makes it PERFECTLY...mmmmm). (2) Diet Sunkist - my drug of choice and (3) Granny Smith apples - I've been craving them lately, especially w/peanut butter! Yum!

Three recent acquisitions:
(1)Too many scrapbook supplies, (2) Red Couch and (3) Coffee Table.

Three classics I reach for every day:
(1) Computer, (2) Underwear, (3) Deodorant. :-) Not necessarily in that order.

My kids right now, in three words or less: n/a

My sweetie right now, in three words or less: In a bad mood @ work.

What's on my to-do list: Work, Shower, Work (again).

What I do often that relates to the season right now:
Absolutely nothing...if it's the season of "work" - then that's what I do.

What I'm listening to right now:
The TV in the background. I need to go turn it off since it's in another room and I have NO idea what's going on.

What I'm worried about right now:
Accruing enough hrs @ SB this quarter to meet the insurance requirements.

Which news stories I'm following right now:
Owen Wilson's suicide attempt. It makes me sad, I really like him. :-(

What I'm reading right now:
Well, I'm not doing too well in the reading dept lately...I started Shopaholic Takes Manhattan but am only about 25 pgs into it - just isn't drawing me in. I still have not finished "Without Reservations" either. I may start an entire new book to take to Myrtle Beach w/me.

What I'm looking forward to right now:
Going to Myrtle Beach in 10 days. I *need* a break...badly!!

One small thing that's making me happy right now:
2 soft fuzzy things actually: Hula & Milo


Mary said...

I thought of you today as I browsed thru this HUGE bookstore in Portland. It took up a whole city block and had TONS of books!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I played along! =)