Friday, September 28, 2007

busy busy

My weekend plans unfortunately will not be as exciting as a Wine Festival (that Mary is going to) and even though I don't typically care for wine, I've had a week that would certainly warrant going to one (if I weren't PG of course).

Anyway...I'm super busy with some pet-sitting jobs I have thru Sunday. I help a lady out who has her own pet sitting company. She's out of town, so I will be caring for 4 dogs over the weekend.

In addition to that, I have a 6 hr shift at Starbucks on Saturday, but am excited to report that I'm off on Sunday....wahoo! I'm also off on Monday night so mom and I are going to cruise out to Pigeon Forge to the outlet mall there and have a girls night out. Yay!!

I went out to cut the grass this morning because it's nice and cool out there and honestly, I do a better job than O does...sorry, but he grew up in a desert - there's NO grass there!! Anyway, I'm an idiot...there is a metal sewer cover in the middle of the front lawn...I have gone over it tons of times already w/no problem...well, not this time. The blade came to a screeching halt and the mower shut off. :oops: I looked @ the blade and it still turns, no damage there, but the cord to pull to start the mower will only pull 2 inches, so I cannot re-start the mower. So the lawn is 1/2 mowed and instead of getting it done and out of the way, O will have to try to fix the mower when he gets home and finish the lawn...oh well.

Did I mention it's my mom's husband's lawnmower too? They have a lawn service so they "loaned" us the mower. Eeks!!

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