Monday, September 24, 2007

"these are the days of your lives"

I thought that was an appropriate title for this post since I am about to write about more drama at SB...thankfully it doesn't concern me, but I continue to be truly amazed with the amount of drama that surrounds that place...more drama than what you'd find on TV!! previously mentioned there are 2 other gals @ SB who are PG. Girl #1 is the annoying one who finds it necessary (for some odd reason) to tell everyone and their brother that she is PG. She has also been playing the "pregnancy card" at SB for quite some time, claiming she cannot do certain tasks...she is only 2 wks ahead of me and I've not been told I cannot do anything....mmm. I realize everyone is different, but she's 24 years old and I'm 36, so realistically, who should be having a harder time with physical or her? OK ---enough said.

Girl #2 recently told me she thought she was PG. This would be her 5th pregnancy but only her 3rd child. She had a miscarriage and she also buried a child that was born prematurely. Sad, I know. Anyway, this gal didn't go to the doctor until 3 wks ago at which time she said she was about 23-24 wks. (Red flag) She is approx 5 wks ahead of me and she is a bigger gal than me pre-pregnancy yet somehow it is still not possible to detect that she is PG. If it weren't for my apron at SB, you would be able to tell I am PG...or you'd think I was a fat slob w/my belly bulging out like it is.

While @ work tonight, this gal came up in conversation. Apparently she has told some co-workers that she had a hysterectomy back in February. Ok - that's strange...last time I checked, you cannot get PG if you've had a hysterectomy. :-) In addition, she has recently put in for a transfer up to WI and says she is moving there in October. She randomly picked WI -she has no friends or family there. Oh and this gal's husband lives in California and apparently will be re-joining her in WI. She has been living alone here since January. Her conception would have had to been around mid-late I hope she made a trip out to CA back then...she was not at SB then, so who knows.

If she is lying, that is very sad and she obviously has some issues going on. If she's not lying about being PG, then I don't know what the story is with the hysterectomy claims. Since she says she'll be in WI when she would deliver (Jan), then we'll never know the truth I suppose. She has also mentioned that she is high-risk, so I guess she could always just say she has a miscarraige a ways down the road and no one would ever (really) know she fabricated the entire story. I just don't get the reason behind making all this up, if that is what she is doing. Gal #1 is only receiving negative attention for her annoying behavior, but then some people like negative attention instead of no attention. I'm not sure what's going on!

Anyway....quite a bizarre story so I felt I had to share it.


~**Dawn**~ said...

People are bizarre. I went to high school with a girl who claimed she had some weird disease that was eating away at her reproductive organs & got all kinds of sympathy because she would never be able to have children & what a terrible thing to learn at 16. The very next year her drama was that she thought she was pregnant & was scared to tell her parents. Being the less sensitive high school age, someone asked, point blank, how it was possible since she supposedly had no more reproductive organs & she tried to cover by saying she was miraculously cured. ::shakes head:: These are the kind of people that Karma should bite on the ass. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was *thinking* about having a hysterectomy and then got pregnant? Another bloggy friend just wrote about her friend, who'd had several miscarriages and a baby who died, had an appointment to have her tube ties and a week before the surgery found out she was pregnant. I always thought hysterical pregnancies were only on soap operas. Maybe she can tell you're pregnant and with you and the other girl, it's too much for her.

Or she's just an odd ball.

Freebird said...

Gosh, it's been a while since I've been over. Again, Congrats. A boy. :-) I love boys!

Mary said...

wow - I hope moving to WI is what that girl needs to get back to reality!?!