Sunday, September 30, 2007

quest for a beautiful lawn

(i found some old posts on a message board I used to frequent...I am pulling them from there and adding's the best I can do right now to "re-cover" my forever lost blogs. If anything, it's a way to restore a few more memories from my past.)

Had to report in that I was super excited that O was able to fix the lawnmower when he got home on Friday night - and so he finished the lawn. Yay!! (I was using the lawnmower and ran over the metal circle thingee and well, the mower didn't appreciate it)

On Sunday we finally picked up more wire for the weed whacker so I could do all the trimming...finally we have a respectable looking lawn.

All went well with all 4 dogs...I'm beat though...phew -that was a lot of work.

I'm glad to only have to work the day job tomorrow and then head out to the outlet mall w/mom.

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