Thursday, September 20, 2007


Amy guessed it...even though she made 4 or 5 guesses, she did guess that I am pregnant and that is indeed the case.
I had a couple people inquire as to why I had not shared this info earlier and all I can say is it's not my style. I'm not one of "those gals" who upon discovering this news, finds herself only able to talk about babies, being pregnant, babies, being get my drift. There are many people at SB who don't even know...oh and I'm 5 months pregnant right now by the way.

After much introspection, I've found that I was the same way with the wedding...very low key - I think Mary will agree - I did not find it necessary to talk about getting married all the time -it's just not me. Being pregnant is NOT my identity and I therefore do not find it necessary to consume every conversation that I have. I think it all has to do with my prior strong beliefs of living eternally single and being quite the independent soul that I am. :-)

While I have officially transitioned to maternity clothes, I'm not showing too much - still able to hide it under a shirt and apron at SB and while my main objective in life is not to hide it...there is a PG girl working at SB right now who has worn on everyone's nerves talking 24/7 about her pregnancy and she is the last person I want to be associated with at this point.

OK - so anyway...this is a honeymoon baby for sure...happened a bit quicker than I ever anticipated, but here we are.

I found out in my 11th week that it is a boy. I had a NOT-SO-FUN test called a CVS which tests for many things, as well as providing the sex of the baby. His name will be Ethan Alexander and he is due to arrive on February 5, 2008...although we all know how that could change.

I had my 20 week ultrasound today and all is well, 2 feet, 2 hands, 4 chambers in his heart etc. He was doing advanced acrobatics during the ultrasound and so far I have yet to feel anything. After seeing his antics today though, I think I'm gonna be in for it when I do start feeling it...ouch! Oh yeah..and I gained 10 lbs in the past 4 weeks - damnit!!

Now you know...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I was just doing the math from when you got married (before you said 'honeymoon baby') and I thought, wow, O has super sperm! I didn't force it out of you by my guessing did I? I figured lots of people would start in assuming that you were probably pregnant. How brave of you to share the name, although you'd probably tell people to shut the f** up if they said something nasty about it.

krystyn said...

Yes, apparently O has super sperm...LOL! No, you didn't force it out of me, I had been contemplating "going public" for the past few days..although Mary cracked me up when she told me "you can't just post in February..oh by the way, here is my son, Ethan" - although I think that would have been funny!!

As for the name...yep, in my opinion, Ethan is a whole hell of a lot better than naming him after his father...let me just say that "O" is NOT his first name and "O" is a Jr so there was some expectation that this would be the III...nope, not gonna happen!! :-)

Anonymous said...

That would have been funny! I like Ethan, but it doesn't go so well with my last name, Newman. I think it's no good to have the 'n' of the first roll into the 'n' of the last. But, our #1 girls' name ends with an 'n', so it makes no sense, my logic.

Mary said...

You know I am thrilled for you...and equally thrilled that you're not one of those girls who feels the need to integrate the pregnancy into every sentence! :) Congratulations!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. Congratulations. I guessed that could be it but didn't want to bring it up if you weren't ready to mention it. Heather didn't want to mention hers at first so I was sensitive to that. Not that I think other people shouldn't have asked. I just didn't feel comfortable doing so, because I just had a friend *not* want to talk about it. =)

2. I *love* the name Ethan. It is my second favorite boy name, after Jack. =)

3. It's absolutely your right to mention it when you're ready to. But I think Mary has a point that you would have a ton of shocked readers when you suddenly started posting photos of your son! LOL

krystyn said...

Thanks to all of you for your understanding!!

Cathleen said...

Holy Crapoli! I was shocked to read this news! Congrats to you & O, I hope everything goes smoothly for you & you guys all have a happy & healthy life together.

Katrina said...

Congratulations! Okay, you totally should have said "hey, you should get your butt over to my blog" when we've been emailing the last few days....sometimes I'm slow! :)