Friday, September 14, 2007


~I couldn't be happier right now...I just got home from SBUX and do not have to put that apron back on for an entire week!! Wahoo!!!

~Hobby Lobby rocks my world! I stopped in the other day and was pleasantly surprised with all the yummy scrapbooking goodies they have. They are TONS better than Michael's or JoAnn's in my opinion. Now, if they'd only have coupons out EVERY week or at least take competitor's coupons. Tonight I picked up 2 pkgs of AC Thickers (YUM) in black & white. They were 30% off, so I spent a whopping $6.11...gotta love it! Check them out -it'll be WELL worth your trip.

~Six days of fun and relaxation ahead. Friday night is the Eddie Money concert @ the local fair and what a great way to start the weekend. Yippee!! I need to find time to pack during the day too because I'm hitting the road on Saturday morning for the beach. Cannot wait!!

~I volunteered w/the library here a while back to deliver books to the home bound and the finally called me w/someone to deliver to. I have to squeeze that in my day tomorrow - lunch time probably...either before or after my pre-beach pedicure appointment :-)

~I think I have ADD when it comes to scrapbooking. I cannot seem to finish one project before starting another. I currently have at least 4-5 "projects" going on.'s kind of frustrating...I need to finish something...I need closure. :-)

~I guess that's all for back in 6-7 days. :-)


~**Dawn**~ said...

I wish we had a Hobby Lobby. =(

Mary said...

same here - no HLs in Raleigh! There are some in NC but they're over by Charlotte.

have fun at the beach!