Tuesday, September 11, 2007

~the local fair~

O and I went to the fair last night, it was concert night - NIGHT RANGER. It was really good too. I took some pics to share with you:

Caramel apples - so good, but so hard to bit into w/o making a mess.
Here's O, enjoying some onion rings.

And, Night Ranger!!

Oh and the funniest part...there was a young girl that introduced the band, she was some sort of pagent winner or something - probably had not been born yet when Night Ranger was in their heyday...anyway, a roaring laugh was heard when she said "The Night RangerS will be right out"...obviously confusing them with I dunno, maybe the Power Rangers. LOL!!


Mary said...

Night Rangers - lol!! great pictures!! ;)

Anonymous said...

what songs do they sing? the name doesn't ring a bell.