Wednesday, September 05, 2007

~need time to play~

~All this work is not leaving me enough time to "play" and when I say "play", I mean SCRAPBOOK of course. Check out Cathy Zielske's latest creation - so cute - I HAVE to make one of these! I love that tab punch - very cool...never knew it existed.

~As is typical with me, I'm in the middle of 3 other "projects" so who knows when I'll get to this one, but I really do like the idea. I like uniformity and especially the page protectors so my recipes don't get destroyed.

~If you recall, yesterday I posted that O brought some food home from AZ on Monday night...there is nothing better than HOMEMADE refried beans -believe me - I KNOW.

Somewhat shamefully, I will share with you what I consumed yesterday:
Breakfast: 2 (smallish) bean burritos
Lunch: 1 bowl pozole
Dinner: 1 (smallish) bean burrito
Late night snack (after coming home from SB): 1 (smallish) bean burrito

See, I told you they are delicious!! Good thing he brought home 10 lbs of beans, neatly separated into 1 lb portions. Yum!

Today's lunch menu: Pozole!! (surprise, surprise)


~**Dawn**~ said...

O.M.G. is that recipe binder the cutest thing. That is *exactly* a project I need to work on. My stack-o'-recipes is getting a bit... shall we say... out of hand. =P

Mary said...

love the recipe binder - that is so cool!

ps: if all goes well, two postcards will be on their way to you (we are staying right near the OR/WA border so we spend time in both states!)!!

Cathleen said...

I love Cathy Z!!! I just have so many projects on my to do list I can't even consider adding this one, if you get it done I would love to see how it turns out!