Wednesday, September 05, 2007

~I hate baseball~

Well, of course I don't hate it -but the last 4-6 weeks have been painful - truly painful - my Detroit Tigers are killing me. Continually losing to teams with worse records, the Tigers now sit in 2nd place and are 7, let me repeat 7 games out of first place. I could handle the 2.5-3 games behind, which they maintained for a while - but 7? Time to hang it up...this is torture.

If you recall (or not), they did the same darn thing last first place almost all season and fall apart at end so they don't even win their freaking division title - dorks!!

They will be lucky to even qualify for the Wild Card....I guess I can ditch that "Got Post Season?" tshirt that I bought last year...I was optimistic to think I'd get more than 1 season of wear out of it!!



~**Dawn**~ said...

I really hope the Red Sox can hold on. I hate the idea of facing the EE in the post season but it looks like that's probably going to happen. =/

Mary said...

sorry to hear it! its tough being a fan sometimes, huh?

Cathleen said...

You sound just like my husband! He's a Red Sox fan & even though I'm not I understand your frustration. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY, try going to the Superbowl 4 times & loosing 4 times, in a row no less!