Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last Scrapper Standing
I wanted to sign up for this grand competition, but I didn't. I guess it started a few days ago and after quite a bit of web-surfing, I cannot find where they gave the directions for the 1st challenge. It's ok though...I eventually figured it need to use 8 transparent items on a layout.

I guess I wouldn't get far because I don't even own 1 transparent scrapbooking item. It's never been a medium that I've been really attracted to and since I scrap 8.5x11, well, I only ever see 12x12 transparencies, although I know that Hambly makes them in all kinds of sizes.

I have a feeling I would go broke trying to participate in this competition, so I think I'll watch from the sidelines again this year...although I really, really, really do want to participate. :-( You can see the layouts each week here.

HMITM Challenge
Here is my layout/creation for the challenge I mentioned in yesterday's post. When I went back to re-read the instructions, they want you to use 30 scraps. I do have 30 pieces there, but I'm not sure if they had to be 30 DIFFERENT scraps, so I'm not sure it'll even qualify, but I like the way it turned out anyway.

I guess that's all for now.

Off to take care of puppies later tonight.

"Private Practice" premieres tonight too...I think I'll give it a try.

Adios! Ciao! Goodbye! Auf Wiedersehen!


Grace said...


You are so talented, I would give you first prize. This is so beautiful. Grace J.

Mary said...

nice!! I have never heard of these competitionis, but they sound cool. LOVE the LO too!! :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

What did you think of Private Practice? I think it has potential. I love that Addison is still Addison. The rest was a definite pilot, with lots of holes, but I think that's the same with any new show. I think they can go somewhere with this but it's still young. I like that they left the loophole for Addison to go back to Seattle "if it doesn't work out." ;-)

krystyn said...

I enjoyed Private Practice for the most part...I'll continue to watch and see how it develops. It's not as "addicting" as Grey's is for me, but I'll give it a chance. :-)

em said...

I would have told you the challenge! I am scared to death of Hambly. I have had it forever and this is the first time I even attempted to use it!! I love your layout....that is an adorable photo!! :)