Sunday, September 30, 2007

~whirlwind weekend~

Phew - this weekend flew by - more so than most, but the best part is that I got A LOT done.

On Saturday, I made 2 separate pet-sitting stops (2 dogs each house) and then had to be at SB by 12noon. I got out of SB at 5:45pm and made 2 pet-sitting stops again. I got home around 8pm...I was tired. I stayed up only 'til 10:30pm and crashed out.

I was off Sunday - hooray - a whole day to do what I wish. O and I were up early thanks to the built in alarm clocks that I "own"...they are named Hula and Milo. They so kindly reminded us it was 7:30am and time to get up...not sure why though - they had food. Anyway, we went to IHOP for breakfast and then to one house for pet sitting (2 dogs again). From there we ventured to Lowe's for weed-wacker wire (say that 3 times fast).

Oh wait, we detoured to JoAnn Fabrics before Lowe's where I had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. In my defense, I went there to purchase the EK Curvy Circle cutter (supposedly everyone's favorite - at least on 2Peas)...well, they didn't have any, so instead I gave in to my impulses and splurged for the Cuttlebug I'd been wanting. Hooray! I picked up 2 embossing plates too. A new toy for me!!

From there it was on to Kroger for a few groceries. We had invited my mom over for burgers on the grill tonight and needed to pick up meat, buns etc. Earlier this morning we saw the neighbor -the one that is on TV- and invited her to join us as well. While talking to the neighbor, I mentioned our Homeowners Association Meeting today and how I was interested in going. She said she'd go w/me and so @ 2pm, off we went. It was actually quite interesting...but I'll spare you the details.

After Kroger, O and I had gone home, but then had to run back out quickly to Walmart. I picked up a movie and an itunes card as a gift for a gal @ work. This gal is 22 yrs old and just found out 2 wks ago that she has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She spends 7.5 hrs every other Monday in a chair getting chemo. She said she knits and watches movies on her ipod, hence the itunes card. Her family also had to completely redo her room - get rid of carpet etc, to make it hypo-allergenic (sp?). She said that she's worn down for 3 days after her treatments and so I imagine she'll be watching a lot of tv - hence the movie. (It's one I know she'd want, as we've discussed it a lot at work).

The burgers were a success and we had tons of laughs at dinner. Mom and I are also walking in the Komen race here on 10/20 and it's my TV neighbor that invited us to join her team, so it was nice to hang out with her for a while - she's a riot. Don't tell anyone, but I wish I met her when I was single...she's 37 and tons of fun...dangit!

After dinner, I still had 1 last pet visit to make - the last one of the weekend, but it's an hour long visit. Off I went and since it's near my mom's house, she went with me to keep me company. Upon leaving, I stopped at the pet-sitter's house to drop off the key as she returned from her trip, we ended up talking for about 45 minutes (we could talk all night, she's great) and I didn't leave her house 'til 9:35pm...oops. O was calling and calling since I was expected back around 9pm. Oh well!

I'm home now and FINALLY able to just sit down and RELAX. I should just go to bed!


Mary said...

your weekend makes me tired. :)

sounds like it was really good, though...yay on the Cuttlebug, and that is a super-nice gift for your coworker.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you can still go do fun stuff with the news lady. You go off with her and have female bonding, and leave Ethan & O at home for father-son bonding. Perfect!

Grace said...

Geez, I wish I had that much energy like you do and being P at that. I am sure you will make your co-worker's day when you give her that gift. That was really nice.
Grace J.

Freebird said...

Busy, busy. I studied most of my weekend away.