Wednesday, September 26, 2007

~a little randomness~

~One (small) positive to working @ SB is that I receive 1 personal day every 6 months...not bad for a part time job, heck I don't even get 1 HOUR of paid time off with my full time job, let alone a full day. I put in to collect my "windfall" on the next payday. I'm saving the itty bitty amount of vacation time that I'm accruing there for November when I go on leave. (50 more days to go).

~If the NY Yankees win 1 more game, Detroit's hopes of post season play will be no more. Detroit is currently 5 games behind NY for the Wild Card spot and since there are VERY few games left, NY only needs to win 1 more to secure their spot in the!!

~I have a petsitting job beginning tomorrow night. I'm pretty stoked about it because I will make in 1 hr what it would take me 5 hrs @ SB to make. I'm scheduled to work @ SB tomorrow but I am getting someone to take my shift. Hooray! I will bank some good dough on this petsitting job- woohoo, cuz I need it. I also have to make 2 stops with the Rhodesian Ridgebacks on Saturday..their owners/parents go out of town almost every weekend...poor doggies. I love them though -they are a riot!

~For a change, it was a fairly uneventful night at SB. No drama and business was slow too.

~Not sure how I stumbled upon this blog, but I really like their challenges and so I've added them to my Bloglines and plan to try to participate in some of their challenges. I completed #52 and posted it to 2peas already.

~Ok, I'm off to bed now...I'm tired.

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