Friday, February 15, 2008

~baby blues~

~I think I have the Baby Blues. Thankfully, I only have the crying symptom and none of the others...I'm definitely BONDED with Ethan...I never want to be apart from him...even when he's sleeping, I'd rather be in the same room w/him than anywhere else.

~I do fine all day and when O comes home he tells me how I'm doing such a wonderful job and what a great mom I am...(I guess he had low expectations for me as a mom)...anyway, the minute he starts saying these things, the tears start to pour down. I can't help it. *Actually he says he didn't have low expectations, but he says I haven't complained at all (I haven't) I guess that has impressed him.

~I also find myself crying when I step out of my denial and realize that I will likely have to go back to work at some point. I'm thinking of postponing my return until March 19-20. In the breastfeeding class, they suggesting returning to work mid-week vs. on a Monday so that you are only away from the baby a couple days and then have the weekend to spend together again. It makes for an easier adjustment.

~OK, well, I can no longer feel the fingertips on my right hand, so I will go now...have a good weekend.


Mary said...

I have heard the same thing about coming back to work mid-week and it totally makes sense. Is there any way you could move to PT work? any opportunity at your current job to work from home? Just random thoughts I know you have probably already had...I'm glad you are finding motherhood good and all - great to hear! Hugs on the baby blues!

em said...

I'm sure that O never had low expectations for you! I'm sure he's just beaming with happiness when he comes home to you and wants to tell you! :)

The going back to work thing just sounds unbearable. I know that that is how I will be feeling some day!

krystyn said...

I'm definitely going to look into PT work and I continue to apply for positions @ the hospital (great bennies). I hope something arises soon. I need some hope!

Freebird said...

You're hormones are whacked right now. Totally normally, but I can see not wanting to leave that beautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping you find something. And heehee, I think it's funny "O's impressed that I'm not complaining."

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh oney. Think of how weepy we can get just before we get our periods. (OMG I really do cry just from commercials sometimes. LOL) You have *tons* more hormones coursing through you right now! It's just a natural part of the readjustment back to not being pregnant. But you know what? Heather got really weepy with Christian to the point that it was bothering her & her doctor put her on a low dose of something to help with that until her body rebalanced itself. There is no shame if you decide you need some help with that. Not saying you do, but *if* you do, ya know? And it did not affect her ability to continue breastfeeding, in case you were wondering. (((HUGS))) You're doing great. Go kiss that baby & take another look at what you did. You made a whole perfect little person!