Saturday, February 23, 2008

~sleep deprivation~

~I am voluntarily depriving myself of even more sleep than I'm already missing out on. Ethan is in bed and I should be too...but I wanted to squeeze in a little computer time. I am determined NOT to fall behind on my Project 365 picture a day deal. I'm up to date right now...

~Not leaving the house very often makes it challenging to get good pics for Project 365.

~Today I trekked to Target...all by myself. I felt rushed but it worked out ok - Ethan slept the whole time I was gone. Phew!

~I have a list of daycares to call on Monday.

~On Monday, I will go by one of the daycare places that I called on Friday and get on the waitlist...they have pre-school there, so at least by the time he's ready for that, we will be able to get in. LOL!!

~I didn't win the lottery last night - it was 400k - *sigh*

~I have the best OB doc in the world. She is wonderful! When I was freaking out about the C-Section (for many reasons) she was unbelievably understanding and compassionate. I took her a gift and card yesterday and she said she was about to cry. She is also going to keep an eye/ear out for me on jobs @ the hospital.

~Speaking of jobs @ the hospital: I am desperately trying to get a non-clinical job there. They have wonderful benefits and even if the pay isn't great...I need the bennies and they are SO close to my home. I have applied for a few jobs there so I'm hoping and praying for an interview. I'm hoping to get a night-shift job...7pm-7am...then I wouldn't need daycare at all. That would be IDEAL!!!!

~OK - I better get to bed now.


Freebird said...

That would be ideal and hospitals have great benefits. Have you looked into a Unit Secretary position?

em said...

Good luck with the day care...that whole thing has just got to be difficult!

Nichole M said...

I am so impressed that you're not behind on the Project 365 thing! Wow!

Good luck finding something at the hospital, especially since you didn't hit the lotto. LOL. You cracked me up with that one. ;-)

Get some rest, girl!!!

Mary said...

good luck good luck!

krystyn said...

Nora-I've applied for 4 Dept Secretary positions...that's the job I REALLY want. *crossing fingers*


Nichole-I was behind on the 365 project but got caught up now. :-)

Anonymous said...

that is SOOO sweet, what you did for your doctor. Although I'm sure OB's usually have a better time with patients than other docs. . .I've gotten two "thanks for your work, we appreciate it and you put our mind at ease" cards, and it really made my month! People are so unappreciative that it's nice!