Monday, February 11, 2008

~a couple things~

~I had the choice to stay in the hospital thru to Monday or come home Sunday night...

~Since you see I'm posting a blog at 12:05am on Monday, I obviously came home on Sunday and am completely kicking myself...I should have stayed the extra night.

~Physically, I'm sure there is no significant difference in how I would feel had I stayed the extra day, but I am having a hard time sleeping comfortably tonight. I can only sleep on my back right now and w/o that fancy hospital bed that reclines etc...I cannot get out of bed on my own so O has to help me up - I basically have NO abdominal muscles at this time. It also just would have been nice to have the extra night's rest.

~At the hospital, they also take the baby to the nursery for a couple hours so moms can get some quality far tonight, I have gotten maybe 1 hour of quality sleep. I know it's an adjustment and I'll get there. It's a HUGE challenge.

~I chose to come home because it would get me up and active sooner and the key to less swelling is getting up and about. I did not know that I would end up MORE swollen after all this than I was going in, but they pumped me full of fluids. The shoes I wore to the hospital on Friday (which are SLIP ONS), I could not put on to leave the hospital. I had to wear my slippers home!

~I also had many wonderful nurses, but one especially went the EXTRA mile for me - many miles actually. I wish I could have brought her home with me. She gave me a huge hug when we left. So sweet.

~The food was really good too...this hospital actually has a reputation for really good food and it is VERY true. I even had Red Velvet Cake for dessert one day. Yum!

~Advice to you when it's your turn - STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN @ THE HOSPITAL.

~A little recap on why I ended up with an Emergency doc broke my water at 8:20am and started the Pitocin. I was already just shy of 2 cm dialated at that time. Four hours later, I was still only @ 2 cm and then they discovered that Ethan had a BM in the womb...which means he was under stress. From there, his heart beat was irregular - up and down - while I had contractions and within 30 minutes from the doctor announcing we were doing a C-Section, Ethan was born. It was lightning speed fast, it freaked me out, the medical staff was all wonderful but I was still drowning in tears. A C-Section was the ONE thing I really didn't want and after such an uneventful, smooth pregnancy - who would have thought this would be the outcome?!

~In the end though, all that matters is that I have a HEALTHY baby...and I do.

~Well, he's calling's time for him to eat.


Chele76 said...

congrats. I'm glad to hear that you are well and everytihng fell into place. (((BIG HUGS)))

I hope you can get the time to rest up, the next 18 years are going to be busy :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Just do your best to rest when he does for now, Krystyn. I know it's all a blur right now (I remember when my baby brother was born -- I was 22!) but you'll get used to it. I know recovering from surgery makes it even more challenging. Just don't make yourself stay awake when he naps if you're tired. Everything else will wait.

As for the induction leading to c-section -- consider this: It was very clearly time for Ethan to come out. Having a BM in utero is a sign that a baby is ready to be born. You made a good call, Mom, and you were in a place where they could act quickly to get him born safely when they felt they needed to. That is all that matters. I am sorry it came to that, but I am not sorry he arrived in your arms safely. =) I totally wish I could come help you out.

So tell us a little about him! How big is he? Is he a mellow baby or more alert? He looks very alert in the photos you shared. =)

Grace said...

Krystyn, congrats, he's adorable. Yep, I agree, I think he looks like his mama. I agree that you should have stayed the extra night. You needed the rest. Hey, you did not mention how much Ethan weighed. Take care...Grace

peachy said...

Congratulations!! I know I'm really late to the party, but I hadn't seen you online so I wanted to check and see how things were going. :)