Sunday, February 10, 2008

~introducing ethan!

*one of his 1st pics, about 1 hr old*i think he's doing his gene simmons impersonation*

*snoozing under the warming lamp*probably 2 hrs old here*
*hi there*


~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh Krystyn. He is so *perfect*. I am so so so happy for you.

Welcome to the world, little Ethan. We're all so happy you're here and we're looking forward to Mommy sharing lots of photos of you. =)

Mary said...

oh, Krystyn...he is BEAUTIFUL! I am so so happy for you! Yes, mom, lots of photos are a MUST!! what a cutie pie!!

Anonymous said...

Krystyn he's so cute! One good thing about c-sections - the babies look so handsome right away, no squishy faced from being pushed out the tiny hole.

And I'm happy to see the "loving my little bundle big time" twitter. I'm so happy that whatever doubts/cocnerns/wishes you were having seem to have gone.

Heal up!

Mary said...

PS: eric says he looks like you! (oh, and congrats from him too!)

Freebird said...

He's soooo CUUUUUTE!!! Congrats!!
:-) I'm loving that first picture. Rock on Little Ethan!

em said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that hair! What a little darling! I am so excited for you and O. HUGE congrats my friend!!

Nichole M said...

He's so cute! omg!! I love that first pic with his mouth open. that's adorable.