Monday, February 04, 2008


~Well, I made it thru yet another workday...uncomfortable but I made it.

~Yesterday was uneventful.

~For the past hour or so, Ethan has been very active and I have some 'pelvic floor' (as they refer to it) pain (again) ...could this mean something?? Maybe I'll be on my way to the hospital come 2am. Could Ethan really come exactly ON TIME?

~Yeah, probably not. But I'll keep ya' posted nonetheless.


Katrina said...

i was totally thinking that i missed it...tell etan thanks for waiting for me to check in :)

Katrina said...

yeah, that would be ethan w/my onr handed typing

Anonymous said...

A co-worker's son just had his baby a day early. So maybe there's something in the general baby universe that's making them come pretty close to on-time?

krystyn said...

Katrina - LOL...get well soon!!

Amy - I'm hoping so, but Ethan has 3.5 hrs to come 1 day if anything he's down to being either 'on-time' or late at this point.

Chele76 said...

(watching Dawn's baby dance as she kicks it up a notch by adding a little wiggle)