Saturday, February 02, 2008


~Still no signs of baby coming anytime soon...doesn't he know that I am a very punctual (if not, early) person and so he should be the same way! Argh! :-)

~Headed to the mall today w/mom...I'm SO hoping that the walking puts me in labor, but I sort of think maybe that's an 'old wives tale'...we'll see.

~I'm working next week, Mon - Thurs, truly up to the 'last minute'...most people are surprised by that...surely I cannot be the only person ever to have done that?!?!

~The gal I'm training @ work to cover for me is pretty anxious for me to go into labor...she's made it quite obvious. They are only letting her work 1/2 days 'til I'm gone and she was hoping that by this coming Monday she'd be on full days...when they said she needed to stay on 1/2 days 'til I'm gone, she was less than happy and honestly, it made me pretty uncomfortable. It's not my fault she doesn't have a FT job elsewhere and she knew coming in about the situation & the need for flexibility. Whatever!! Like I really need to deal with this drama...gimme a freakin' break.


Mary said...

have fun at the mall! and poo on the girl replacing you; she can just wait it out!!

em said...

Oh my gosh....I have been checking your blog all morning thinking maybe you were going in!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, poo to that girl, if she only knew the troubles you've had! Maybe you should start telling Ethan to take his sweet time, then he'll come right away b/c he'll think it'll piss you off. Does reverse psychology work in utero?

krystyn said...

Yes, poo on the girl (she's 52, so I guess she's a woman more than a girl..but whatever..she's acting like a girl, right?)

Back from the immediate signs of labor lurking around the corner..darn!

Got some great deals on clothes for Ethan...heck, he does better @ the mall than I do these days! Of course, the only thing I can buy & know it fits are socks...and then they leave a nasty ring around my leg - being swollen is SOOOO gross!

I wish reverse psychology worked in utero...heck I'll try it anyway.

em said...

So I'm back to tell you...being a teacher is not what everyone things. Think...spending thousands of dollars of your own money, being forced to take work home fact doing most of your work on your own time...dealing with kids and parents...being held accountable for every single thing you do, say, wear, look at, touch. Not to mention it's pretty hard to get a job! I dont' want you fretting your night away about how life as a teacher would be so much better!!

Any news yet??? ;)

Mary said...

...SO glad you are keeping your twitter updated for us!! (is that hard to set up? I could not figure it out the other day...). Will continue to stalk your blog!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh poor her. ::huge eye roll:: Don't pay any attention to her. Not your problem.

Now c'mon Ethan. You have a whole bunch of bloggy 'aunties' waiting to see how cute you are!

krystyn said...

Em-yep, I know there are many 'negatives' or let's say 'a downside' to teaching - the parents is the main reason I've stayed away as I did consider the transition when I was in AZ.

The pay & spending your own money too - that stinks.

The summers off are attractive as well as snow days, but like anything...there are pros & cons!

Mary-Twitter was easy to set up - I think you mean by putting it on the blog...let me look @ it later and I'll email you how I did it. I know it took me a minute to find the HTML CODE for the blog.

Dawn-keep doing the baby dance...still no baby, but last night he was doing Advanced Aerobics and I had some pain..maybe Braxton Hicks...but not sure.