Saturday, February 02, 2008

~a list~

OK - this girl at Hula Seventy made a list of 36 things that happened to her in 2007. Ali referenced this today in her Weekend Creative prompt...I'm not participating in Ali's deal but I thought the list was nice and thought I'd work on one...

1. got a 2nd job @ Starbuck's

2. got married

3. got pregnant

4. had knee surgery

5. bought a house

6. lost 2 "friends"..well, I thought they were friends

7. saw my Detroit Tigers play LIVE (not on TV)

8. treated myself to a few massages

9. had significant family rift...for 1st time ever

10. lost a job

11. went on 7 interviews

12. got a new job

13. went on a mini-vacation w/my dad

14. did a lot of pet-sitting

15. walked the Komen 5k

16. spent Thanksgiving w/my step-sister family in VA & about 30 other people!!

17. co-led a fundraiser for 22 yr old SBUX co-worker going through chemo -raised $2k

18. had the stomach flu for 1st time ever...awful!

19. had a great visit from a great friend from NJ

20. took 2 Masters classes for Counseling program

21. let the entire Spring/Summer pass by w/o playing a single softball game

22. read 7 books (that's not very many)

23. took a road-trip to NC to scrapbook w/Mary

Well, I could only come up with 23....for now.

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