Monday, September 21, 2009

post by numbers

1-days of class this week. my tues/thur class is canceled all week. woohoo!

2-papers completed this weekend. hooray!

4-miles i ran today. pain free, but not as easy as previous 4 mile runs. hopefully getting back on track - although I was LESS than motivated to run at all.

31-people who took my survey.

22-people who took my survey & don't watch Grey's Anatomy. I was shocked.

36-points out of 40 that I got on last Wednesday's exam/quiz. i was pleased as i thought i did much worse.

70-days left in the semester...not that i'm counting or anything. :)

400-dollars for a plane ticket to DFW on 12.26...E and I may be going to visit my aunt & cousins since our plan to all be together ON Christmas is not going to pan out. hoping for a fun & healing visit. expensive flight though...hoping it goes down a bit before I have to buy.


JW.BW said...

Whew, good to know Im not the ONLY one completely out of the greys anatomy loop, i thought for sure I would be.

You really got alot of school work done this weekend!! thats awesome!!

good job with sticking with the running, i am finally getting back into it as well!

Beth said...

Yay for your great run! I'm impressed. I just survived the most awful two weeks. Got my big girl panties back on and ready to get more serious about the running. I wouldn't want to have to finish the half by crawling, you know.

M.J. said...

Love your numbers posts!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Have you looked into flying times ON the holiday? I know it sounds less than appealing. I thought the same thing until I looked at the price; I was immediately sold. Low demand = good prices. ;-) Maybe a late afternoon flight? Or celebrate with your local family on Christmas Eve so you can fly on Christmas Day?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I'm a huge Disney fan so the header's adorable.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'm shocked about the Grey's Anatomy numbers too. I don't watch it, but thought I was one of the few who don't.

I hope you enjoy some of your time this week now that some of classes have been canceled.